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John is a highly experienced, knowledgeable, reliable and creative film maker/digital media broadcaster.  It is always a pleasure to work with him and I am constantly looking for opportunities to do so again and again.


Bev Adams, Festival Director, Holmfirth Arts Festival

John Coombes produced 5 excellent films us. His meticulous approach in training those to be filmed paid dividends, aided by his clear, helpful instructions and gentle cajoling.

His attention to detail (which would go unmissed to most people) results in highly professional productions, benefitting from his own high quality artwork and artistic input.


David Burridge, director, The Big Reveal

John is an inspired and multi-skilled creative with the artistic and production skills to be able to respond quickly to any commission. Drawing on a depth of practical experience he swiftly grasps the essence of what is required and finds imaginative and workable solutions to any problems that arise. I have worked with him for many years and found him always to be an inspiring mentor, an extremely competent project manager, and a very safe pair of hands.

Martin Riley, actor and director

As retired doctors setting up a yoga website, we needed humorous anatomical art work. John’s excellent oral and drawn communication led to accurate, novel and funny designs; now we won’t go elsewhere.


Dr Charlie Cooper

Working with John Coombes of Bikeshed Digital Media is a delight. We have a long association with Bikeshed, spanning video making, production consultancy, graphic design and support in numerous other ways. Always ready to respond, to work within budget, to evaluate carefully, to support and challenge brilliantly, Bikeshed is a must.


John Mee, co-creative director, Alive & Kicking Theatre Company

Working under John’s direction is always a pleasure. John strives for artistic creation and the process is filled with a passion that influences the whole team working with him.


Superb results are achieved and he can only be described as complete professional. It is a privilege to work with such an expert in the field of film and dance for camera.


Antonia di Carlo, dancer & choreographer

John has a presence when he enters the studio and it is infectious, his enthusiasm and the way he expresses all he knows grabs your attention and shakes you into listening. He is artistic and witty, with an eye for detail that finds a spark with the crew and ignites it. 


Tamzin Alexandra Novakovich, film producer

As a dancer, working with John has taken me to new and unexpected places with my dance practice, because he has a driving vision for each piece that pulses through him; it is this force that has then driven me to discover or uncover the essence of his vision through movement. 


For me as a choreographer, he is clear with his ideas, but non-judgemental and open to anything I might throw his way. He is wonderfully easy to work with.


Lucy Bourne, dancer and choreographer

Thanks John, excellent work on the film, just what we needed.

Dr Paul Beales Associate Professor,  University of Leeds

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